Fully Responsive

T3 Bootstrap is responsive by default, but takes responsive design by giving you complete control over every design setting on mobile device. This allows you to perfectly tailor the appearance of each element on computers, tablets and smart phones

100% Customizible

T3 Bootstrap is a super customizable TYPO3 theme with many predesigned concepts to kick things off quickly and effortlessly. No matter what you plan on starting, it is an all-in-one solution for your websites that is ready for any challenge.

Awesome Features

When comes to website development, the tools, features, plugins and add-ons are limitless. A smart financial decision would be to find a package that includes as many essential features as possible. Bootstrap template can fill almost any role.

Why Choose T3Bootstrap?

  • Easy to Get Started
  • Professional ready-made skins
  • Responsive Structures and Styles
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Lightweight Customization
  • Tons of Pre-designed CSS, HTML and JS Elements
  • SEO optimized

Can’t wait to try T3 Bootstrap to your advantage?

Then give your website wings right now. At the end of the day, you can get the better end-result.

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Is it easy to manage the template after it’s built?

Yes. T3Bootstrap TYPO3 is very user friendly. We build them keeping the end user in mind. You will be able to alter the website's text and images with ease. You'll even be able to add new pages if desired.

Yes. TYPO3 is a very SEO friendly platform. However, we have taken extra steps to maximize the SEO potential. For instance, we have carefully considered the placement of headings through the theme. Additionally, our theme code utilizes proper HTML5 semantics for increased content recognition from search engine crawlers. Plus, the theme code is minimal to reduce sever requests and load times, resulting in better SEO performance.

Yes. We can install TYPO3, T3 Bootstrap, any recommended plugins, and setup your site like the theme demo by purchasing our Setup service.